Die Insel , 2014

A Man spends his holidays in a village on Corfu. He is around 50, single, one, who makes love today with one woman and tomorrow with another. He stays in a seaside village, picks up pretty women, like usual. One morning he encounters a blind teen-girl from the village. He comes to a cafe at the sea, sits down at a table – from here he can see a beautiful island in the distance – the waitress asks him to move to some other table, please. She says that the table is reserved. It comes out, the table is reserved for a blind girl who comes in the cafe every day and occupies this table. The villagers have much compassion for her – her mother died one year ago, her father she never knew – the mother was with a foreigner, who had disappeared as soon as the woman got pregnant. The girl is not quite right, she believes in an island, one she can see from here. She believs, that one day someone comes from there and takes her away. A fairtale, told her by her mother. Maybe the fairtale comes true and someone comes from there, – says the Man. From where? – asks the waitress. From the island, – replies the man and points to the island in the sea. But there is no island, no one, you can see from here, – mentions the waitress confused. As it turns out, the two of them can see an island, which no one else can see…

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