Silenced 2015

Max is running through a crowd. Some people talk about non-relevant topics.
He is upset about that and tries to escape the scene.

He comes home and welcomes his girl friend Katharina. He tries to communicate his feelings to her about the downsides of technology regarding their influence to communication and life.
But she is also busy with texting to a friend of her and using her computer.

Max escapes to the kitchen. He wishes that communication should cease to exist. After coming back to the living room he realizes that his wish had come true. He tries to calm down his girlfriend. She refuses and goes to bed.

He follows her to bed and they look to each other.
Katharina leaves bed after a while and Max follows her to the bathroom.
They go back to the living room, Max and Katharina get dressed themselves and leave the flat.

They drive through the night with a car and reach a hill. They look down to the city and fall asleep after a while. When Katharina wakes up, she looks at Max and smiles.

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