Wilbur Force 2015

Possessed of great girth and even greater wit, “Wilbur Force” strides into the ring to face his nemesis. After a sweaty battle, Wilbur finishes his opponent with his signature move, the ‘big man body slam’. To the crowd it is obvious that for Wilbur, winning isn’t everything: it’s the only thing.
Two years later, Will has moved back to his hometown, quit wrestling, and become a recluse. Friend and filmmaker J.Ollie Lucks challenges Will to recreate his memories of battle and teach him the art of wrestling. However, as production begins, Ollie takes the creation of his own wrestling character too far, and Wilbur starts to doubt Ollie’s good intentions. The conflict between them escalates into an epic showdown in the hills of Central Otago, New Zealand.

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