Welcome to shortfil.ms!

Hello, my name is Stefan – also known as eay in the German blogosphere – and I’m the founder and developer of this shiny new website. Peer, the producer of our video content, Sebastian, who does all the (text) editing, and I worked hard for the last couple of weeks to fill one of the last gaps on the Internet: a platform to discover the best short films on the Web.

YouTube and Vimeo are great but it’s hard to find good content for you have to know what you are looking for. Vimeo’s Staff Picks might be a good start and there are some ambitious blogs covering short films but until now there’s no place to browse short films by genre, country, language, director, cast or crew. And exactly that is what we’re trying to accomplish with shortfil.ms.

shortfil.ms on a MacBook

Right now there are over 120 films available on our website and we’re adding more films every day. You can discover them looking through the different categories on your own or by using our discovery tool on the front page. Just enter how much time you have, which genre you want to watch and shortfil.ms provides a film that fits your demands. This tool will even improve by time after we added more and more films.

Of course, shortfil.ms works great on mobile devices, too. Pro tip: Short films are a great way to kill time on your daily commute or if you have to wait somewhere. There are a lot of films under 5 minutes in our catalog – a perfect fit.

We would like to hear what you are thinking about shortfil.ms! Please drop us a line on Twitter, Facebook or by email.

And now enjoy some great short films (and tell your friends about us)!