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Sneak peek of the shortfil.ms app

Though our website is fully responsive and works perfectly on mobile devices, we wan’t to bring you even more native ways to experience the web’s best short films. That’s the reason why we’re developing a new shortfil.ms iOS and Android app. Here’s a little first look I posted to Twitter yesterday. We’re really excited about the app and can’t wait to it out to all you short film enthusiasts around the globe, but it isn’t quite ready yet. Stay tuned for more!

Update, 06.08.2015: Here’s another feature we think you will like. 🙂

First shortfil.ms Hackathon

Yesterday the team of shortfil.ms met at the HQ to get some changes and updates going. Fueled by snacks and beer we implemented our new follow site and discussed some future features on shortfil.ms. Furthermore we optimized our submission form. Soon shortfil.ms will offer the new “Festival”-category. The plan is to create an informative list of all the important short film festivals in the world. To begin with we will concentrate on European and American festivals. Of course, you will be able to submit a festival to our database.

There are other goodies we talked about but that’s another story. So, as usual, keep calm and share the shorts.

At long last: Short Film Newsletter

Keeping up to date on shortfil.ms can be kind of difficult. At least, we currently add no less than 21 shorts a week. After four months and more than 500 films in business – watching and curating the web’s best, oddest, funniest and/or craziest short films for you – we present you another way of keeping up to date: .

Every week, it will present to you ten shorts that you shouldn’t miss – our top ten of the week if you like. Just subscribe and get mail every Sunday. Nevertheless you should still like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Never miss a good short again and don’t forget: Don’t keep it a secret and share the shorts!

shortfil.ms Laurel Leaves Award

The feedback from the filmmaking community has been great since we started shortfil.ms almost one month ago. Directors, actors and crew members appreciate it when we add their films to our catalog and get really excited when their short enters our most popular listing (which is dominated by »Cost of Living« right now).

Some filmmakers even asked us if there’s a way to show their audiences that their film got featured on our site or if they can display our logo on their poster, website or press release. It’s something we really hoped for: shortfil.ms becomes an indicator for high quality short films on the web.

Because of that we’ve created this classic, elegant laurel leaves award for filmmakers to use. So, if your short film has been added to shortfil.ms, feel free to use this logo wherever you want. We’re honored to be a part of your distinguished work!

One too short

Today is the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere which holds a special meaning to us at shortfil.ms of course. However, do not expect us to be on a works outing to Stonehenge or something like that. In Germany, the shortest day is also the day of short films this year. Cineastes celebrate the shorts by showing and watching a variety of them all over the country.

We here at shortfil.ms want to show you the shortest short film ever to be nominated for an Oscar:


»Fresh Guacamole« by stop-motion artist PES was nominated at the Academy Awards for best short film with a running time of one minute and 40 seconds.

Furthermore: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Our first week

One week ago we launched shortfil.ms, the new platform to watch the web’s best short films. This first week has been great: A lot of people told us that they love our new site, the discovery tool and our curation of short films. Some also tweeted and blogged already about us or shared shortfil.ms with their friends via Facebook and so on. We really appreciate your kind words, tweets and shares!

Furthermore we received our first user submissions this week. Thanks to all of you and especially to HerrK (@CholeriK) and Michael (@Amujan) who submitted the first one – »Wanderers« – which became the most popular short film in our catalog within a few days. If you want to suggest a film for shortfil.ms, check out our submission form. User submissions are credited to the users who submitted them and include a link back to their blog or website (see David’s submission »Tell« for example). Thank you for making shortfil.ms better along with us!

Please keep on getting the word out about shortfil.ms and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr. Don’t keep it secret and share the shorts!

Welcome to shortfil.ms!

Hello, my name is Stefan – also known as eay in the German blogosphere – and I’m the founder and developer of this shiny new website. Peer, the producer of our video content, Sebastian, who does all the (text) editing, and I worked hard for the last couple of weeks to fill one of the last gaps on the Internet: a platform to discover the best short films on the Web.

YouTube and Vimeo are great but it’s hard to find good content for you have to know what you are looking for. Vimeo’s Staff Picks might be a good start and there are some ambitious blogs covering short films but until now there’s no place to browse short films by genre, country, language, director, cast or crew. And exactly that is what we’re trying to accomplish with shortfil.ms.

shortfil.ms on a MacBook

Right now there are over 120 films available on our website and we’re adding more films every day. You can discover them looking through the different categories on your own or by using our discovery tool on the front page. Just enter how much time you have, which genre you want to watch and shortfil.ms provides a film that fits your demands. This tool will even improve by time after we added more and more films.

Of course, shortfil.ms works great on mobile devices, too. Pro tip: Short films are a great way to kill time on your daily commute or if you have to wait somewhere. There are a lot of films under 5 minutes in our catalog – a perfect fit.

We would like to hear what you are thinking about shortfil.ms! Please drop us a line on Twitter, Facebook or by email.

And now enjoy some great short films (and tell your friends about us)!